Crescent Moon Magic (Brass/gold color)

$75.00 USD


Please note, that these earrings will be sent in early June as I am awaiting the supplies to arrive)

🌙 Crescent Moon Magic 🌙
Deepening into the trust of self and the possibilities of the unseen, unknown magic and miracles that are waiting for you.
Can you trust when you can’t see the whole picture?
Can you trust when things don’t go the way you think they ought to?
Can you trust when you’re confused?
Can you deepen into the trust of you in every moment of every day?
And that my friends is the message of the Crescent Moon Magic Earrings!!!
How much more could you trust you, with these beauties whispering sweet nothings in your ears all day long?
Pre-orders are open now for these beauties - snag your pair and expect to receive them in early June when they are made and ready for you!!
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