Custom Made


The Custom Made Experience

A uniquely designed pair of earrings created just for you to accelerate your dreams.

We call this an experience because it truly is an experience for you to have someone so closely tuned in to your world, cultivating a unique design to support you in your life.

How awesome would it be to have a pair of earrings that nobody in the world has, that whisper in your ears, all the things to remind you of where you are headed and what you've already got inside of you to make that happen?

What you will receive:

  • 15-20 Min Zoom Meeting with Maggie to discuss what energies you are wanting to bring into your life and where you need support. We will also talk about colors you love and colors that are an absolute no. (don't worry, you don't have to know anything before you hop on the zoom with Maggie, she knows how to pull this information out beautifully).
  • A custom made, one of a kind pair of earrings for you shipped to your door.
  • A unique, handwritten message, just for you that goes along with your earrings.

*Please note, the first time you see your custom made earrings is when they arrive in their package.  Part of the process is trusting that you will receive the pair that is just right for you.  Maggie has yet to disappoint.

How is the custom made created?

For each pair of earrings, Maggie uses her phenomenal intuitive skills, tunes in to you and what you are asking for and crafts the most magnificent pair of earrings. 

The message that comes with your earrings is similar to a psychic reading.  Maggie connects to you, your energy, what you are inviting in and allows the information to stream through her and into writing.

It usually takes 2-3 weeks for your custom made to be shipped to you as the intuitive process is a unique and magical one that doesn't always happen overnight.

How much is The Custom Made Experience?

The custom made experience starts at $135. *if there are more costs, this is discussed and paid before Maggie starts the process. 

Once you make your purchase, you will hear from Maggie within 24 hours!


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