Body Wisdom

What if your body was the manual you thought you were never given when you were born?

How much time have you spent judging your body for not being a certain way?

How many times has your body been a mystery to you?

Between the smells, the aches, the pains, and everything else between that?

What if you could learn the way your body speaks to you and begin to recognize the wisdom that it has for you? 

Your body has this beautiful ability to:

—> Tell you what to eat to release excess weight

—> Tell you how to move to shift shape into the body that is joyful, mobile, and vibrant

—> Tell you yes and no to the questions your mind seems to be stuck on 

—> Tell you to lean into pleasure and that will lead you to the success you truly desire

—> Tell you what it likes, loves, and dislikes, and when you follow that, your energy will increase dynamically

This experience is to guide you in releasing what you have been taught about your body. 

This experience is your access point with your own innate wisdom.

Inside this call you will:

---> Learn how to tune in to what your body is telling you. 

----> Learn to love your body NOW 

---> Uncover the mystery of what is underneath any aches, pains, illnesses that won’t go away (now and in the future)

---> How to eat specifically for your body and its unique needs (no diet required!!)


---> Discover the gifts your body has to offer to allow its wisdom to shift you from the inside out! 

It is time to live in harmony with your body and being.

Together in this 90-minute call, we will take a deep dive into the wonder and magic of your body's wisdom and its innate healing abilities. 

Be prepared to be awed and inspired.

And leave with fully equipped with a toolbox to transform your relationship with your body

When: Wednesday February 24th @ 5:30 pm MST - your time here>>>>  https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Body+Wisdome&iso=20210224T1730&p1=3773 <<<<

Where: ZOOM (details will be sent upon registration)

Investment: $33