Spring 2023

Embrace the Magic (purple/pink/peach)

$125.00 USD

These beauties invite you to embrace the magic in between.  We can have so much going on in our lives and when we are out of balance or forget to really be present with what is, we get exhausted, drained, and become our not-selves.

The magic in between is about you honoring your needs and taking a moment to check in and choose for you based on what you truly desire.  

Sometimes this self-love act can be rather uncomfortable, but in the end, it's rather rewarding.  

Let these beauties remind you to keep going and have the courage to choose for you and EMBRACE THE MAGIC that follows your choices. 


**these beauties are made with extra tiny beads and have extra detail and simmer for you to enjoy!!!

Length: 4 inches from top of hook 

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